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9 Amazing Winter Hair Colours for Black Women - Beautizone UK

9 Amazing Winter Hair Colours for Black Women

Blondes, blondes and browns are having a moment thanks to another year of working from home, but that doesn’t mean hair color is in a boring place. In fact, quite the opposite, and there’s plenty of unexpected color trends to be had. Candy colors like pink and blue are going strong after last year’s DIY revolution and vivid red is still very much happening!

We've also seen a rise in natural shades like sun-kissed blondes and rich browns, and as salons get back open and we're trading in scrunchies for face masks, multi-dimensional highlights appear to be growing even more popular—which is sure to make your next cut feel all the more thrilling and Instagram-worthy.

The best part is that, as with every current hair trend, you can play as big or small with the hue as you'd like. Deep-fried browns are a cool way to subtly add dimension and color all at once, for instance. White blonde will neutralize your existing shade without requiring much maintenance.

  • Iridescent Copper 

Peachy-orange shades are one of the top hair-color trends for winter. This color is especially flattering on fair complexions that can sometimes look a bit washed-out in winter. The rich tones frame your facial features with brightness when cold and dreary climates make everything else look dull.

  • Biscotti Blonde

For a timeless, golden-blonde shade, try this one at home. This soft shade is perfect for light brunettes who want to go blonder, or blondes looking for something more natural. If you’re already blonde, you can ask your hairdresser to add deeper wheat tones into your previously lightened hair. Or if your hair is not too light already, opt for subtle pieces of neutral blonde.

  • Icy Blue

It may be the time now to give pastels a try before we head back to the office and start our daily routine. While baby pink had a moment this spring, for winter, give a try to a pale blue or teal. While pastel hair dye is great for everyday wear, you can also have fun with bolder purple tones to make a statement at those holiday parties.

  • Honey Caramel 
Just a little bit of caramel can do so much for your hair. When it comes to curls, this rich color has no problem holding tight and looks ultra-sleek with a hint of golden highlights for those beachy summer days. A caramel brown shaded hair with a halo effect in the front locs are enough and a great idea to brighten up your face this winter.
  • Golden Platinum 

Platinum hair is the most fresh, unexpected and flattering color for cool, pale girls. It's a little warmer than the icy gray shades that popped up a few years ago, but still super bright. It make you seem pretty tough, in a cool downtown kind of way. Easy to pull off if you're pale and prone to redness -- because this shade doesn't contrast with the warmth in your skin like silver does.

  • Opalescent Blonde

This rose blonde balayage is the perfect way to add a soft, subtle dimension to your look without the commitment of a full-on color change. The cool tones that read as platinum but with just enough warmth to keep it from feeling ashy make this fun but still wearable—and surprisingly low maintenance. Ask your stylist for a gloss treatment that’s equal parts warm and cool to get this opalescent effect.

  • Golden Swirls 

Just a few strategically placed highlights can make all the difference. Ask your stylist to add multi-dimensional swirls of blonde to your natural color to revive your curls. This is perfect if you're not ready to commit to an all-over color change, and it looks fantastic on both type 3s and type 4s.

  • Cherry Cola 

Looking to go red but still want something relatively natural? A rich, auburn color will warm up your face without looking too out of the ordinary. This shade works with most skin tones and looks great in all light. If you love red but want to try a warmer tone (think less orange, more purple) that's flattering on all skin tones, try this color. It's a great way to warm up black or brown, too.

  • Honey Hues 

You're looking to add just a touch of warmth to your brunette hair. Honey highlights (and some babylights!) are a very natural way to do so. Plus, honey hues will stand out in the cold weather. Starting with a new color that's fun and unique can make all the difference in adding something exciting to your everyday style. 


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