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10 Top Selling Hair Extensions | Customers Favourite - 2022 - Beautizone UK

10 Top Selling Hair Extensions | Customers Favourite - 2022

Are your own locks looking a little lackluster lately? Skip the salon and add instant volume, body, and length with hair extensions. We’ve rounded up this list of the best human hair extensions in a variety of lengths, colors and styles—from clip-ins that you can put in and take out on a whim to tape-in pieces for greater longevity.

  • The Remy Hair Extensions

    The Remy Hair Extensions are a top pick for several reasons. First, this 16” set comes in 19 different shades of blonde, brunette, and red. The 100 percent human hair is also 100 percent remy hair, meaning that the ends point in the same direction as the roots. This ensures not only a seamless style but also better overall quality and condition after use, as well as longer wear.

    Give your fine, thin hair a thick, glamorous look with the help of these Remy hair extensions. Hair experts recommend that you seek out 100% Remy-grade human hair for these types of styling treatments. Look for a color that matches your current shade, or aim for an entirely new look. Since Remy-grade extensions have cuticle layers, they're healthier and tangle less. The tape-in application method is quick and non-damaging to your natural hair.

  • The Vario Clip-In Hair Extensions

  • The Vario Clip-In Hair Extensions may seem like a slight splurge for you, but when you’re looking for quality, it’s worth the price. Made from 100 percent real human virgin Remy hair, these lightweight extensions are popular for their natural texture and beautiful shine. The Vario Clip-In Hair Extensions come in 18 pre-styled pieces that attach with clips to naturally blend into your hairline. And, unlike many other extensions available at this price point, these can be styled with hot tools and be dyed if your color requests require something a little different.

  • The Hair Shop: Clip In Hair Extensions

  • Clip-in hair-extension brand The Hair Shop carries professional options that will add fullness and length to thick, coarse, or curly hair textures. Made from 100 percent human hair and color-blended with your existing strands for a totally seamless look, these extensions are easy to install and remove. (As with most extensions, consult a professional before application.)

  • Glam Seamless Hair Extensions

  • Silky, smooth and long-lasting. With Glam, you can enjoy gorgeous hair extensions with minimal maintenance. Use the brand’s Dry Shampoo Powder for fine hair to keep things squeaky clean between washes, and when it comes time to take your extensions out, their Un Tape Remover makes the process a breeze..

  • Kinkistry Hair Extensions

  • This premium hair can last for up to two years, and you can re-use it multiple times. Take care of your Kinkistry extensions as you would your own hair by using hydrating shampoos (avoid sulfates), conditioners, and masks to keep it moisturized and healthy. You'll love having hair that looks so good!  This curly hair is so on trend, and it holds up in the wash for at least three months if you treat it right. I've also been able to dye it darker to better match my hair — and low maintenance is always good when styling natural hair.

  • Indique Hair Extensions

  • Offering all the leading hair extension techniques, Indique Hair is top of its class when it comes to top-quality products for natural hairstyles. Available in curly and wavy textures, plus hundreds of color variations, this brand’s human hair extension options cater to anyone and everyone.

  • Right Hair Extensions

  • Richy Hair hand-selects only the finest, naturally-sourced, single-donor virgin hair from Russia and Ukraine. The hair is then treated with a cold protein bath for at least four weeks before going to market — where it’s bought up as soon as it hits. Because Richy Hair is all raw, one-donor hair, the texture will blend seamlessly with yours.

  • Great Lengths Hair Extension

  • Great Lengths hair extensions are the finest extension on the market today. They can be used by almost anyone and they can be easily installed by a Great Lengths certified stylist, who will then provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for them. There is no need to worry about damage to your own hair because Great Lengths products are designed to protect your own hair and give it amazing strength throughout their lifespan.

  • Hotheads Hair Extension

  • Now's the time to try tape-ins if you haven't before. Hotheads are one of our favorite brands because they're secure, light, and comfortable. The extensions are also easy to maintain and don't damage your hair, which is a huge bonus. Plus, there are more than 40 different color options to choose from, guaranteeing you'll find a shade that fits your needs.

  • Boho Locs Hair Extension

  • Boho Locs are the ultimate time-saver. You can achieve the look without all the time and effort of growing them naturally. And, with two bundles per box, you can install them yourself. It’s a simple solution for those who want to try something different, to change up their style, or simply get back to their locs.

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