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    ORS Classics Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo 236ml

    £50.00 GBP
    Cleans and refreshes braids, locks, twists and other natural styles without water! Perfect for anyone who is temporarily unable to shampoo, or is between shampoos Herbal Cleanse prevents odor and mildew that can occur with natural and extended styles. Hair smells clean and fresh. Scalp feels calm and supple, not as tight. How to use:  1. Apply Herbal Cleanse™ directly...

    ORS Curls Unleashed Coconut & Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner 454g

    £6.99 GBP
    Give your curls the protection they need with this extra rich crème leave-in. So rich it can be used as a co-wash conditioner – perfect for those curls and coils that need that added nourishing moisture. How to use:  Simply apply to damp hair, don't rinse. Use alone or follow with Curls Unleashed styling item of your choiceStore in a...

    ORS Curls Unleashed Aloe Vera & Honey Curl Boosting Jelly 453g

    £9.99 GBP
    Blended with aloe vera, honey and other ingredients to help define your curls without crunch. Cocktail with Curl Defining Creme for an added boost of shine. How to use:  Scoop out a liberal amount of Set It Off™ Curling Boosting Jelly into the palm of your hand and evenly apply throughout the hair. You can also “cocktail” by using No...

    ORS Curls Unleashed Green Tea & Cucumber Curl Refresher 236ml

    £6.99 GBP
    Lightweight formula, with green tea and cucumber, helps to bring life back to second day curls. How to use:  Apply a liberal amount to towel dried hair from scalp to end. Comb through and style as usual. Ingredients:  Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, PPG-5-Ceteth-20, PEG-12 Dimethicone, Honey Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Panthenol, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea)...

    ORS HAIRepair Restoring Conditioner 370ml

    £3.99 GBP
    Rich restorative conditioner rehydrates and fortifies dry, damaged hair with naturally reparative Coconut and African Baobab oils, while helping improve strand elasticity and moisturizing dry scalp. • Nourishes and conditions dry strands• Helps revive damaged hair & improve strength• Enhances hair manageability and shine• Promotes a softer, smoother feel How to use: After shampooing, apply to hair and comb through...

    ORS Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion 251ml

    £2.99 GBP
    Formulated with Black Castor Oil, this daily hair lotion restores hair’s natural moisture balance, imparts long-lasting. Adds shine and provides maximum heat protection. With consistent use, hair will begin to show improved elasticity, hydration, and shine. Suitable for all hair types. Conditions and moisturizes Protects hair from heat styling Long-lasting shine How to use: Apply a small amount to hands,...

    Olive Oil Hues Vitamin & Oil Creme Colour ( All Colours )

    £4.99 GBP
    While at-home hair colors can be associated with dryness, dullness and even breakage, ORSTM Olive Oil Hues coloring system alleviates these common concerns with olive oil to help defy dryness, coconut oil to derail dullness, and conditioning vitamins, E and B5 to combat breakage. Hues boasts the affordable advantage of premium salon results with the convenience of being at home. ORS™...

    ORS Olive Oil Professional Thermal Protect & Shine Spray 235 ml

    £5.99 GBP
    Organic Root Olive Oil Professional Thermal Protect & Shine Protect & Shine  Professional Thermal Organic Root Olive Oil  

    ORS Olive Oil Heat Protection Hair Serum 177 ml

    £3.99 GBP
    Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum helps to strengthen the hair while shielding it from damage caused by using heat styling tools. Infused with Coconut Oil and essence of Olive Oil, this serum will add moisture, while leaving the hair silky, shiny, and smooth.Adds natural shine Protects the hair from heat damage Moisturizes hair Softens hair Smoothes cuticle Aids in straightening...

    ORS Curls Unleashed Intense Hair Conditioner 340g

    £6.99 GBP
    Intense Conditioner is made with rosemary, sage, nettle and other ingredients great to use for added moisture. This product is also great for transitioning curls, for styling, “co-washing,” detangling and conditioning. This product provides the conditioning your hair needs and deserves to maintain healthy looking hair. Packaging is BPA free and recyclable. This rich formula allows tangles to slide right...

    ORS Curls Unleashed Shea Butter & Honey Curl Defining Crème 453g

    £6.99 GBP
    Curls Unleashed Take Command Curl Defining Crème is ideal for curly and kinky textures and is made with coconut, sweet almond and safflower oils. This curl defining creme moisturizes, defines and elongates tightly coiled curls, and does so without flakes or shrinkage. How to use:  Scoop out a liberal amount of Curl Defining Crème into the palm of your hand....

    ORS Curls Unleashed Natural Hold Edge Gel 115g

    £6.99 GBP
    Apricot Oil natural Hold Edge Gel is a soft, pliable gel containing nourishing and restorative Apricot Oil that moisturizes and protects edges from breakage and leaves them smooth without stiffness. How to use:  Apply to hairline and smooth with fingertips or a small soft brush, to create desired look. Ingredients:  AQUA (WATER/EAU), CETEARETH-25, PEG-7 GLYCERYL COCOATE, VP/METHACRYLAMIDE/VINYL IMIDAZOLE COPOLYMER, PEG-7...

    ORS Curls Unleashed Rosemary & Coconut Sulfate-Free Shampoo 355ml

    £6.99 GBP
    Rosemary, coconut and other ingredients are blended together to bathe your curls in moisture. This sulfate-free blend helps to remove build-up while detangling coils leaving them soft and manageable. How to use:  Wet hair thoroughly with warm water, apply a moderate amount of Lavish in Lather™ Sulfate-Free Shampoo and work into a rich lather. Rinse hair thoroughly and follow with...

    ORS Classics Tea Tree Oil Hairdress 156g

    £2.99 GBP
    This soothing hair and scalp oil utilizes the benefits of Tea Tree Oil to ensure that the scalp is healthy, thus creating the perfect environment for hair to thrive. Native to Australia, the malaleuca tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), from which tea tree oil is derived, is a hardy evergreen-type tree similar to a cypress which may grow to as tall as...

    ORS Monoi Oil Edge Control 64g

    £2.99 GBP
    ORS Monoi Edge Control Gel is a new, flexible holding-edge gel that features omega-3 and omega-6 oils, plus antioxidants to help protect hair from breakage. Edges stay smooth with frizz control, added moisture and shine without hard, dry or stiff hold. This edge control is for natural, relaxed or thermally-straightened hairstyles. How to Use:  Apply to hairline and smooth with...

    ORS Monoi Oil Anti-Breakage Oil Fusion 59ml

    £4.99 GBP
    Experience the beauty of Monoi*, an exotic, fragrant Tahitian coconut oil used by Polynesian women for centuries to protect and care for their shiny, healthy, legendary hair. ORS Monoi Oil features healthy Omega 3 and 6, plus antioxidants to protect hair from breakage, leaving hair strong, long and beautiful. A unique fusion of Monoi Oil, Olive Oil and Passion Fruit...

    ORS Monoi Oil Rejuvenating Spray 118ml

    £3.99 GBP
    For Natural or Curly Hair. This formula penetrates into textured curls and down the hair shaft to nourish the scalp. Provides curls with silky shine and controls frizz. Monoi Oil: Tahitian Coconut Oil soaked in Tiare flowers are packed with Omega 3 & 6, plus protective antioxidants to prevent hair breakage and promote healthy hair and scalp.   How to Use: ...

    ORS Monoi Oil Leave-In Conditioning Crème 473ml

    £3.99 GBP
    Experience the beauty of Monoi*, an exotic, fragrant Tahitian coconut oil used by Polynesian women for centuries to protect and care for their shiny, healthy, legendary hair. Our rich, penetrating leave-in formula features healthy Omega 3 and 6 plus antioxidants to protect from breakage and protein loss caused by daily styling. The results… stronger, longer beautiful hair. How to Use:...

    ORS Monoi Oil Fortifying Conditioner 296ml

    £3.99 GBP
    ORS Monoi Oil Anti-Breakage Fortifying Conditioner features healthy Omega 3 and 6 plus antioxidants to help protect hair from breakage. Our exclusive ORS Monoi Oil, formula fortifies, conditions and replenishes dry, weak hair to defend against future breakage. Penetrating micro-oils restore hair with intense moisture, shine and body.

    ORS Monoi Oil Fortifying Shampoo 296ml

    £3.99 GBP
    ORS Monoi Oil Anti-Breakage Fortifying Shampoo features healthy Omega 3 & 6 plus antioxidants to help protect hair from breakage. Our exclusive ORS Monoi Oil, sulfate-free formula gently cleanses to effectively remove product build-up and strengthen the hair to defend against future breakage. Penetrating micro-oils restore hair with intense moisture, shine and body. Great for detangling. How to use: Wet the...

    ORS HAIRepair Hair Polisher 177ml

    £5.99 GBP
    Lightweight polisher helps replenish and seal in moisture to enhance shine. An instant fix for lackluster hair Revives shine and vibrancy Natural oils help replenish ‭moisture How to use: Apply a few drops to palm of hands. Rub hands ‭together and distribute evenly to dry hair. Style as usual.‬‬  Key Ingredients: • Coconut Oil, containing essential fatty acids to hydrate...

    ORS HAIRepair Intense Moisture Crème 142g

    £4.49 GBP
    Ultra-moisturizing crème delivers a surge of intense, nourishing hydration to quench thirsty, moisture-depleted hair. • Provides immediate moisture relief to dry, dehydrated and parched strands• Richly moisturizes, conditions and promotes a healthy-looking shine• Helps seal in vital moisture, softens strands and moisturizes the scalp How to use: Use daily or as needed. Apply a small amount to hair and scalp...

    ORS HAIRepair Anti-Breakage Conditioning Crème 142g

    £4.49 GBP
    Multi-tasking crème rehydrates and fortifies dry, fragile hair to help reduce breakage while delivering a healthy-looking shine. Conditions and nourishes weak strands Rehydrates and fortifies dry, fragile hair Helps prevent breakage for stronger, healthy-looking hair How to use: Use daily or as often as needed. Apply a small amount to hair and ‭scalp and massage. Comb through for even distribution...

    ORS HAIRepair Silkening Serum Thermal Protector 127ml

    £3.99 GBP
    Multi-benefit oil-enriched serum helps ‬‬‭protect hair from thermal damage while improving manageability, moisture and shine.‬‬‬ Instant strand protection formulated for heat-styled hair Helps shield hair from thermal damage Promotes silky-smooth and frizz-resistant hair Reduces drying time How to use: Apply evenly to damp ‭or dry hair. Use thermal tools to style ‭hair as usual.‬‬‬‬    Featured Ingredients: • Coconut Oil,...

    ORS HAIRepair Vital Oils 127ml

    £3.99 GBP
    Lightweight hydrating oil blend with nutrient-dense Coconut, Baobab, Grapeseed and Sweet Almond oils helps condition and nourish damaged strands and dry scalp without weighing hair down. Delivers lightweight, fast-absorbing hydration Replenishes and nourishes dehydrated, damaged hair Moisturizes dry scalp Smooths hair and enhances shine without weigh-down How to use: Use daily or as needed. ‭Part hair and apply to the...

    ORS HAIRepair Protect & Shine Hair Sheen Spray 430ml

    £3.99 GBP
    This non-greasy, lightweight formula adds moisture and shine to hair. HAIRepair™ Protect & Shine Hair Sheen Spray is enriched with sunflower, grapeseed oils and other ingredients that won’t weigh hair down. Won’t fog or bead. Adds moisture and shine to dry, dull hair. Lightweight finishing product offers shine and protection. How to use: 1. Shake well. 2. Hold can 10-12 inches...

    ORS HAIRepair Invigorating Shampoo 370ml

    £3.99 GBP
    Lather-rich, sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses while reparative oils and plant-derived protein nourish and help reinforce strands to invigorate and revive damaged hair and dry scalp. Gently washes away impurities while nourishing ‭hair and scalp Helps revitalize dry and damaged strands Invigorates the scalp How to use: Apply to wet hair and massage into lather. Rinse well. ‭Repeat, if necessary, leaving...

    ORS Tea Tree Oil Anti-Bump Lotion 118ml

    £4.99 GBP
    Use this lotion before shaving to help protect your skin’s health. This enriched deep-penetrating Tea Tree Oil skin softening lotion cleanses effectively and keeps the skin soft and pliable. How to use:  1. Wet face and apply a thin coating before shaving. 2. After shaving rinse and pat dry. Tea Tree Oil: For centuries Australian Aborigines used Australian Tea Tree...

    ORS Classics Tea Tree Oil Anti-Bump Spray 133ml

    £4.99 GBP
    Use this spray after shaving to protect your skin’s health. This spray is formulated to cleanse the skin effectively and subsequently play a role in boosting skin’s defence against clipper and razor bumps. Helps stave off razor and clipper bumps. Excellent for use in the nape area. Can be used on neck, face and head. How to use:  1. After...

    ORS Classics Anti-Itch Scalp Oil 130ml

    £3.99 GBP
    Often natural hairstyles such as braids, twists and locks leave the scalp feeling dry, itchy and tight. This is often caused by the inability to add moisture to the scalp. Scalp oils cause build-up, which can lead to poor circulation and can be messy. Dealing with these problems can be challenging. ORS offers relief with Anti-Itch Scalp Oil. It immediately...

    ORS Classics Shea Butter Moisturizing Lotion 236ml

    £3.99 GBP
    Shea Butter Moisturizing Lotion is a non-greasy, fresh-fragranced lotion that penetrates instantly leaving a long lasting shine. It moisturizes and softens with no white residue. Contains Shea Butter to add moisture, Carrot Oil with Beta Carotene to help prevent breakage, softening Emollients and Natural Glycerin. Perfect for young children, and those with wavy textures. How to use:  Locks & Naturals...

    ORS Classics Nature’s Shine 236ml

    £4.49 GBP
    Its natural properties are so unique it can also be used as the perfect body oil moisturizer. Nature’s Shine™ adds the finishing touches to all natural hairstyles. Nature’s Shine™ has a unique blend of natural oils. Coconut oil is known to penetrate through the hair follicle to add moisture and shine. Soybean oil, which is a natural source of Vitamins...