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Hair Care

Beautizone stocks a wide range of Hair Care products from 100s of your favourite  brands. We have an ample collection of Hair Shampoos, Hair Conditioners, Moisturisers, Treatments for all hair types. Hair Care Products for Natural hair, Coloured hair, Chemically treatment and Dry or Damaged hair. Professional Hair care products such as Hair Relaxers, Hair Textuirizers, Perms. Hair Styling products to style and maintain includes Hair Gel, Wax, Hair Cream, Grease and pomade, Hair Spray. 

ORS Classics Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo 236ml

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Cleans and refreshes braids, locks, twists and other natural styles without water! Perfect for anyone who is temporarily unable to shampoo, or is between shampoos Herbal Cleanse prevents odor and mildew that can occur with natural and extended styles. Hair smells clean and fresh. Scalp feels calm and supple, not as tight. How to use:  1. Apply Herbal Cleanse™ directly...

June Milnrow Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control (Maximum Hold) 65g

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Product description   Edge Freeze Control Hair Gel Natural expression with matt finish, texture control giving maximum hold and shine. Provide Extra Firm hold to tame unruly hair Fabulous product for relaxed & natural hair, Allows you to manipulate your hair into any look you desire   Edge Freeze Control Hair Gel Natural expression with matt finish, texture control giving...

Taliah Waajid for Children Tangles Out Today 8oz

£3.99 GBP
Tangles Out Today • Leave in conditioning• Repairs damage and breakage• Moisturizes and conditions• Natural detangling spray How to Use:Tangles Out Today! Leave in conditioner & detangler can be used on wet or dry hair. Part and Twist hair into 5 or more sections. Undo one section and apply a moderate amount of Kinky, Wavy, Natural. Use fingers to distribute product from scalp...

Aunt Jackie’s Girls Soft & Sassy Softening Conditioner 426g

£3.99 GBP
Aunt Jackie’s Girls Soft & Sassy Softening Conditioner Enriched with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Aunt Jackie’s GIRLS Soft & Sassy is a multiple-use conditioner that can be used as a co-wash, deep conditioning treatment or a rinse out conditioner. It works quickly to help soften and loosen tight coarse textures. No Mineral Oil Paraben Free...

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Original

£5.49 GBP
Product description    The Original Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Say goodbye to dull, damaged, hair and hello to healthy, shiny hair with The Original Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil. A proven effective hair and skin care product, this oil treats dry, damaged hair, regrowing and strengthening it from root to tip. It works well for lengthening and...

Mamado Natural Lavender Oil 150ml

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Product description Skin Care Benefits: The Health Benefits Of Lavender Oil For The Skin Can Be Attributed To Its Hair Care: Lavender Oil Is Effective In Treating The Problem Of Hair Loss. Regular Usage Is Helpful Lavender Oil Helps In Treating Migrains Headaches Anxiety Depression Nervous Tension And Direction:Apply La'sonwadi Aromatherapy 100% Pure Oil To Skin And Gently Massage In....

Dr Miracle's Follicle Healer Hydrating Oil 65ml

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Product Description Undo unwanted damage with Follicle Healer Hydration Oil, part of the Follicle Healer Energizing System. It’s fortified with Tea Tree, Jojoba, and Castor Oil and also contains Shea Butter & Soy Protein to condition and strengthen the follicle resulting in a healthy radiance.

Cantu Care for Kids Leave-in Conditioner 283g

£4.29 GBP
Deeply conditions for increased manageability, reduces breakage and frizz with the perfect blend of pure shea butter, coconut oil and honey formulated without harsh ingredients. Nurture and nourish fragile coils, curls and waves with Cantu's gentle care for textured hair.NO MINERAL OIL, SULFATES, PARABENS, SILICONES, PHTHALATES, GLUTEN, PARAFFIN or PROPYLENE. Benefits/Features ·       moisturizes fragile coils to stop breakage·       deeply conditions...

June Milnrow Absolu Permanent Hair Color Brown Black (1B.2)

£1.49 GBP
Product description   NEW UNISEX ABSOLU HAIR COLOUR QUICK & EASY PERMANENT DYE Quick and Easy Long Lasting Just Mix with Tap Water Covers Grey & White Hair No Ammonia No Peroxide No pre Shampoo necessary   Suitable for both men and women   Ingredients: Cellulose Gum, p-Phenylendiamine Sulfate, Sodium Sulfate and Silica Pack Includes: 1 Bottle Powder 6g, Gloves,...

Ultimate Organic Tea Tree Oil Stimulating Growth Oil 118ml

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Ultimate Organic Tea Tree Oil Stimulating Growth Oil 118ml Restores Moisture & Relieves Dry, Flaky Scalp. Fortified and enriched with pure Tea Tree Oil, ULTIMATE Organic THERAPY Stimulating Oil provides a higher level of hair and scalp moisturizing. Formulated with the all-purpose properties of Tea Tree Oil, this all-purpose Growth Oil helps relieve dry, itchy, flaky scalp and moisturizes extremely dry brittle...

Taliah Waajid for Children Herbal Style & Shine For Natural Hair 6oz

£3.99 GBP
Herbal Style & Shine for Natural Hair Use on tight to medium curl patterns.  For larger curl patterns, use Soft & Curly™ • Moisture - based hairstyling cream that softens, stops frizz, and conditions• Defines curls and waves• Works great on tight to medium curl patterns• Free of harsh chemicals How to Use:Step 3: Style (for best results in healthy hair...

Taliah Waajid for Children Easy Herbal Comb Out 8oz

£3.99 GBP
Easy Herbal Comb Out • Gentle formula that detangles and softens kinks and curls• Contains quality ingredients and herbal extracts• Green Tea and Sage help to moisturize and soften on contact.  How to Use:Step 2: Condition/Detangle (for best results in healthy hair care, see additional steps below) Can be used on wet or dry hair.  Part hair into 5 or...

Taliah Waajid for Children Berry Clean 3-in-1 shampoo 8oz

£3.99 GBP
Berry Clean Three-In-One • 3 in 1 formula that cleanses, softens, and conditions in one session• Infused with quality ingredients and herbal extracts• Provides ouch-less, healthy hair for little ones How to Use:Step 1: Cleanse (for best results in healthy hair care, see additional steps below) Separate hair to thoroughly wet scalp and hair. Pour small amount of Berry Clean™...

Truzone Cream Peroxide 9% 30 Vol 250ml

£2.49 GBP
Truzone Cream Peroxide 9% 30 Vol gives excellent results with permanent tints and bleaches. The product is simple to use and is of exceptional quality, designed particularly to improve mix ability. This superior cream developer creates application smoother with enhanced product texture. Key Features: • Exceptional results with all permanent tints and powder bleaches • Superior mix ability • Great...

Shimmer Lights Shampoo 473ml

£9.49 GBP
Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo 473mlis for gray, white, highlighted and light blonde tinted hair and is a protein-enriched color enhancing shampoo. It brightens, shampoos away yellow, refreshes highlighted hair and maintains ash tone color. Shimmer Lights Shampoo is a protein-enriched conditioning formula. Tones down brassiness on blonde and gray hair. Renews and refreshes faded highlights and ash-toned hair. Removes dull yellow...

Blue Magic Tea Tree Oil Leave-In Styling Hair Conditioner 340g

£2.69 GBP
Blue Magic Tea Tree Oil Leave-In Styling Hair Conditioner: Instantly strengthens hair Adds shine and softness to dull hair Soothes dry scalp Softer more manageable hair Anti-breakage protein complex Non-greasy formula

Blue Magic Originals Super Sure Gro Conditioner 340g

£2.69 GBP
Blue Magic Originals Super Sure Gro Conditioner 340g jar Maintain beautiful hair with this Blue Magic Organics Super Sure Gro Conditioner 12 oz container. It is formulated with herbs, tea leaves and a mixture of jojoba oil and shea butter to provide you with silky tresses. This Blue Magic conditioner is 100 percent natural and comes in a convenient 12 oz...

Murray's Cream Beeswax 178ml

£3.69 GBP
Murray's Cream Beeswax 178ml jar Holds Braids, Cornrows & Twists Tighter Longer. Fights Frizz. Adds Shine. Moisturizes. For Natural Styles Murray's uses the finest imported beeswax to help lock your style in place. The ultra rich formula will add shine, reduce itching and fight frizz. The cream will wash out easily with no build up and help extend the life of your...

African Pride Olive Miracle Leave-in Conditioner 425g

£3.49 GBP
African Pride Olive Miracle Leave in Conditioner: Use daily on dry hair or after shampooing on wet hair. Quick absorbing, non-greasy formula. Excellent for added protection before blow-drying. Feather light leave-in conditioner helps soften, shine, repair and moisturize. Made in USA. Beautizone - best beauty store UK.

Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard 426g

£3.99 GBP
Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard  Kiss frizzy, hard-to-tame hair good-bye. The mega-moisture humectants in CURL LA LA give long-lasting bounce to curls, and shine and definition to spirals and coils. Define your signature look by adding a little or a lot. Whatever your style, rest assure that it will be well-moisturized and soft to the touch, without caking or...

Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings No-Mistake Curl Softener Kit

£6.69 GBP
​Dark and Lovely Beautiful Beginnings No-Mistake Curl Softener DARK AND LOVELY BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS NO-MISTAKE CURL SOFTENER KIT Kit gently loosends curls for manageable hairmoisturizes, nourishes and prevents breakage coconut oil and shea butter in every step.NO-MISTAKE SMOOTH RELAXER is infused with coconut oil and Shea butter in every step, and provides best protection and comfort for your daughter's hair and scalp.Gently...

Mielle Organics Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner 240ml

£12.99 GBP
Our Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner infuses hair with protein and moisture to restore dry and damaged hair. Babassu Oil is derived from an Amazonian palm fruit that is high in sterols and tocopherols to improve hair and scalp health. Our product is enriched with fatty acids and natural oils that help reduce frizz and fly-aways. This deep penetrating conditioner...

Aunt Jackie’s Girls Knot Having It Leave-In Detangling Moisturizer 355ml

£3.99 GBP
Aunt Jackie’s Girls Knot Having It Leave-In Detangling Moisturizer Knots and tangles, Step Off! Aunt Jackie’s Girls super slippery instant detangler and moisturizing therapy is here. Easy combing for mom and no tears for baby girl! Just a little goes a long way. Instantly loosens knots and tangles for easier manageability and combing. Humectants help replenish hair with long-lasting moisture....

Aunt Jackie’s Girls Heads Up Moisturizing & Softening Shampoo 355ml

£3.99 GBP
Aunt Jackie’s Girls Heads Up Moisturizing & Softening Shampoo A moisture replenishing hair wash for naturally curly, coily and wavy hair. This Shampoo has nourishing and hydrating ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, shea butter and coconut oil. These ingredients work hard to moisten and soften hard-to-manage hair. You will need very little product as it lathers beautifully. Simply massage...

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Coconut 4 oz

£5.99 GBP
Product description     Sunny Isle Coconut Jamaican Black Castor Oil is an oil that blends the best of both worlds. Our Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil is blended with our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to perfection - 50% Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor and 50% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Our Coconut Jamaican Black Castor Oil is naturally filled...

Mamado Natural Vitamin E Oil 150ml

£3.99 GBP
Product description Mamado Natural Vitamin E Oil is remedy that is habitually used to upkeep immune system health. It is often used to help with jetlag, headaches and reduce stress. It can also be used as a remedy for respiratory infections, stomach problems and athletes foot.

Mamado Natural Patchouli Oil 150ml

£5.99 GBP
Product description Mamado Aromatherapy oils (made from natural ingredients) help to take care of the skin and restore its natural beauty. As well as for use on the skin, these oils can also be used in the hair. The range consists of 20 different varieties and has several uses, including: moisturising and softening the skin, treating minor skin complaints, treating...

Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Enhancing Herbal Conditioner (8 oz.)

£5.49 GBP
Product Description   Taliah Waajid Enhancing Herbal Conditioner is an amazing leave-in conditioner for dry, rough curls. All-natural ingredients work together to moisturize curls and improve over-all hair health. This conditioner does a perfect job at increasing manageability after shampooing and will leave hair nourished from scalp to end. What it is: A leave-in conditioner. What it does: Provides all-over hydration to enhance softness...

Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products Total Body Natural Black Earth Shampoo (8 oz.)

£5.99 GBP
Product Description Total Body Black Earth Shampoo gently cleans while softening. No harsh ingredients and can be used on your Total Body. Natural ingredients such as Blackberry Extract, Rosemary, Wheat Germ, Yarrow Root, Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Silk Amino Acids will keep your hair, scalp and skin clean, conditioned, and incredibly soft.  Great for dry, damaged, and over processed...