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ENJOY Free UK Delivery - Orders £50 & Above 💖

Pink Kids Comb Detangler Detangling Shampoo Set

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£8.98 GBP
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Luster`s Pink Kids Easy Comb Detangler 

Pink Kids Easy Comb Detangler is a MIRACLE detangling product that will provide SUPERIOR ease while detangling the curliest hair types. Curly hair will notice ease while combing.

Key Benefits: 

Tear Free Detangling Experience

Moisturizer & Knot Knock Out

Leave-In Conditioner

uster's Pink Kids Gentle Detangling Shampoo 

Pink Kids Gentle Detangling Shampoo is a delicate sulfate free shampoo that gently removes build up on hair. Infused with shea butter and argan oil to restore moisture and add shine.

Key Benefits: 

Sulfate Free




Key Ingredients: 

Argan Oil

Shea Butter

Sunflower Oil

Natural Ingredients:

Castor Oil

Coconut Oil

Shea Butter