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Ultimate Organic Cocoa & Shea Butter Lotion,Coconut and olive oil

Ultimate Organic Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter Lotion

Africa's Best Ultimate Originals 12 oz Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter Body Lotion The super creamy formula regenerates and softens, leaving the skin radiant and juicy. Enriched with: aloe, vitamin E, coconut oil, tea tree oil and ginseng Hydrates, regenerates, protects and rejuvenates dry, ashy skin. Contains the perfect blend of natural ingredients that keep your skin looking healthy and soft. Used as a daily remedy, dull skin becomes nourished and smooth and velvety without feeling wet. The skin leaves a radiant and magnificent radiance. Helps to reduce imperfections and unattractive scars and marks.

Ultimate Organic Moisturizing Body Gloss

A blend of light and deeply penetrating oils that leaves the skin smooth, soft and with a radiant glow

Ultimate Organics Moisturizing Body Gloss is a serious therapy for dull skin. This luxurious blend of essential oils is fast absorbing, light and hydrates, revitalizes and heals dry, ashy skin. Your skin stays soft and silky with a beautifully polished glow.

Ultimate Organic Coconut Oil Stimulating Growth Oil 

It is enriched with pure coconut oil, growth oil stimulating ultimate biological therapy offers a higher level of repair, strength and shine. Formulated with the natural properties of coconut oil, this all-purpose growth oil penetrates and rejuvenates hair, skin and nails for hydration and conditioning throughout the day.

Ultimate Organic Olive Oil Stimulating Growth Oil 

Restores moisture and relieves dry, scaly scalp

Provides a higher level of strengthening, shine and hair growth.

Fortified and enriched and formulated with the age-old properties of extra virgin olive oil and other all-natural properties.

An all-purpose oil that not only rejuvenates the hair, but can also be used as a stimulating massage oil or moisturizing oil for the skin.

To hydrate and revitalize all day.