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Supreme White

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Supreme White Skincare Products | Toaning Soap, Union Sacree Lotion.

Developed with the utmost care by Dermaclean, Supreme White Lait Union Sacree Body Lotion Amber and Caviar is particularly suited to the treatment of pigmentation problems and the repair of hypodermic tissue, thanks to the combined performance of its magic ingredients. This treatment is visibly harmonious for your complexion, for young and beautiful skin. The dark areas fade visibly and the color of your skin becomes lighter and more homogeneous. The skin remains supple and presents both its appearance and its sensation.

Supreme White Union Sacree Toning Soap is enriched with caviar and amber extracts to cleanse, brighten and nourish the skin to reveal soft skin.Specially designed for people of color and dark skin. significantly improve the elasticity and tone of your skin.

Supreme White Exclusive Intensive Products.

Supreme White Intense Exclusive Body Lotion is enriched with carrot extract for a deep lightening transformation of the skin's appearance. As a moisturizer, this lotion creates soft, supple skin while tackling dislocations and skin. The skin is young and beautiful as always.

The exclusive Supreme White Intensive Exclusive Toning Soap with Carrot Extract is a superior quality soap for the face and body. Developed with the utmost care by Dermaclean, this triple-action soap combines a natural skin lightening ingredient. Exfoliating and antiseptic properties to guarantee you This exfoliating soap prepares the skin and strengthens the action of all the other lightening treatments in the range. Perfect for your morning and evening wash, it replaces classic soaps while enhancing the action of other products in the Exclusive Intensive range.

Supreme White Exceptionnel Products.

Developed with great care by Dermaclean, Supreme White Exceptionnel Toning Soap gives the skin a radiant appearance and an antiseptic effect thanks to its exfoliating action. the dead cells are removed and the complexion is lighter and silky. It is a wonderful complement to other treatments and is perfect for morning and evening washings. Replaces soaps by improving the exceptional range.