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Soft & Beautiful

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Soft & Beautiful Relaxer ,Conditioner, Shampoo, Lotion ,Mask

Soft & Beautiful Relaxer 

Discover ultra nourishing natural oils and butters that help hydrate, strengthen and gently protect your hair and scalp throughout the relaxation process. Our exclusive Ultra Nourishing natural blend uses shea butter and coconut oil for continuous hydration, aloe and tea tree for added protection, and olive oil and vitamin E to help strengthen. It is perfect for relaxed hair and sensitive scalps to achieve an incredibly healthy and smooth appearance.

Soft & Beautiful Ultra-Rich Leave-in Conditioner 

This conditioner instantly conditions and nourishes hair to protect it from dryness and damage, restore elasticity and strength, and help prevent split ends. The result: revitalized, silky hair with radiant shine. This product does NOT contain: artificial colors or dyes, wax, petroleum jelly or alcohol.

Soft & Beautiful Moisturizing Conditioning Shampoo

It gives beautiful soft hair. it contains SHEA BUTTER, VITAMIN E, JOJOBA AND CASTOR OIL

Soft & Beautiful Moisturizing Hair Lotion

100% natural olive, argan and coconut oils | FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR 355 ml / 12 fl. ounces US This hydrating hydrating hair lotion restores the vital hydration of dry and brittle hair, leaving the hair ultra hydrated and nourished. The result: softer, healthier and more supple hair with great shine and movement.

Soft & Beautiful Masque

  • This Product is very Easy to use
  • It is a Intense Conditioning Masque