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Paltas Hair Treatment ,tonic, Shampoo, Argan oil, Hot oil

Paltas Hair Treatment 150ml
A new effective hair treatment for strong, healthy hair. A chemically formulated treatment that cleanses the scalp and reopens pores. It helps dryness of the scalp and oil. In contact with the scalp, it restores the lubrication of your hair stems and wakes up the scalp. When you try it, you will notice the difference.

Paltas Sof Oil Hair Tonic 150ml
Paltas Sof Oil Tonic Hair. A blend of oils specially formulated to nourish, soften and moisturize your hair and protect against dryness, itching and exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays.

Paltas Hair Shampoo 250ml
Paltas Hair Shampoo by Paltas BKC. A new, effective hair shampoo for strong, healthy hair, developed to keep your hair very healthy by gently cleansing without removing the natural oils nature provides, while conditioning and detangling your hair at the same time.

Paltas Hair and Scalp Tonic for Plaits and Weaves 150ml
Paltas tonic for hair and scalp for braids and weaves. A particularly rich tonic to promote the health and growth of hair and to moisturize and protect the scalp from dryness and itching.

Paltas Self Heating Hot Oil Treatment 150ml
ItΒ  heats immediately on contact with water.

Paltas Argan Oil 100ml
Paltas Argan Oil Treatment For Silky Smooth Hair. It repairs rejuvenates and gives a silky smooth finish.