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    Organic APH

    Organic APH Almond Oil & Henna Triple Miracle Hair Treatment 500ml

    Organic APH Almond Oil & Henna Treatment 500ml This triple combination of APH Olive Oil, Almond Oil & Henna can be used as a deep penetrating conditioning treatment after severe processing, to help repair extremely weak hair by restoring strength to the hair shaft.   To intensify the treatment apply shower cap over hair.

    Organic APH Olive Oil Steaming Conditioner 500ml

    APH Organic Steaming Conditioner  Organic APH Olive Oil Steaming Conditioner is a strengthening conditioner. Applied to towel dried hair the Olive Oil that is enriched in this conditioner helps nourish, restore moisture and give elasticity leaving your hair feel strong and soft and promote maximum hair growth. To achieve maximum results the Olive Oil Steaming Conditioner should be used with...

    Organic APH Hair Mayonnaise 500ml

    Organic APH Hair Mayonnaise  Organic APH Hair Mayonnaise is a rich conditioning treatment, which moisturises and strengthens damaged and over processed hair from within. This intense formulation is developed for dry, damaged and coloured hair. Each strand is immersed in a rich blend of herbal extracts to nourish, essential oils to moisturise and organic amino acids to strengthen. Enriched with...

    Organic APH Aloe Vera Shampoo 500ml

    Orgainc APH Aloe Vera Shampoo is made with the finest Aloe Vera and Olive oil extracts. Cleansing and moisturising like no other shampoo. Preventing mineral build up when used frequently, it can leave your hair feeling softer and stronger.

    Organic APH Olive Oil Fertilising Shampoo 500ml

    APH Organic Olive Oil Fertilising Shampoo 500ml Organic APH Olive Oil Fertilising Shampoo is a luxurious shampoo with blend of the finest Olive Oil and plant extract, which rejuvenates and detangles hair and stimulates the scalp promoting healthy hair growth. Ideal for every day use and for optimum results Use in conjunction with Organic APH Olive Oil Steaming Conditioner which...