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Morgan's Hair Darkening Cream  and Pomade

Morgan's Hair Darkening Cream 
  • It is Easy to use.
  • It is Suitable for all hair types.
  • It has unique formula that helps style and darken all in one.

Morgan's Hair Darkening Pomade

Regular use of Morgans Pomade allows men to gradually darken gray hair and achieve an appropriate hair color shade over a short period of time which can be maintained by subsequent, less frequent applications. It is suitable for all hair types and in addition to the darkening agents contains wheat germ oil which revitalizes the hair and maintains a healthy scalp, to use the ointment Morgans, just apply evenly on clean hair and dry and rub the roots well. Brush the hair, and use Morgans Pomade as a hair gel or wax to shape and style the hair. Continue to apply daily, until the desired shade of hair color is reached.