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Mizani Natural Hair Products - beautizone

Mizani Natural Hair Treatment Products Formulated With shea butter and vitamins contain patented anti-breakage technology that works while you sleep to fortify and nourish dry and damaged hair, leaving it smooth and strong in the morning. Thermasmooth Shampoo & Leave-in deep Conditioner has coconut oil that nourishes, smoothes, moisturizes and detangles dry and brittle hair. Experience relaxed hair, smooth, sleek & soft locks without an irritated scalp with this gentle straightening treatment of Mizani butter blend Hair & Sensitive scalp care & relaxer. Create the ultimate luxurious wet set with mizani foam wrap.

Formulated with Rosemary Extract, Chamomile, and Oils, Rose H20 Conditioning Hairdress is rich enough to relieve itchy, tight scalps, and add a soft, silky sheen to dry, dull hair. Mizani Daily gentle Conditioning Shampoo uniquely formulated with a blend of aromatic botanicals, provides the natural moisturization to the hair and scalp. Mizani smooth guard serum, a must have for fragile, brittle hair. It is a hydrating treatment that protects against split ends and hair breakage.