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IKB Skincare Products | Brightening Serum, Cream, Body Lotion, Soap

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Brightening Cream, Gel, Body Lotion, Soothing Antibacterial Soap

The new IKB skincare range is a classic product developed more than 20 years ago by Lagos, Nigeria, before spreading to the United Kingdom and the United States. It has been designed to maintain its integrity while benefiting from state-of-the-art technology. The lightening arbutin for the skin and the nutritional properties of vitamin "E" protect against environmental pollutants and promote radiant skin. Soothes and helps heal sun-damaged skin with an anti-irritant, allantoin.

IKB Skin Brightening Body Lotion

The IKB lotion offers the skin a shiny finish with a bottle containing a unique lotion created with the star ingredient Alpha Arbutin. Rich and creamy to the touch, this nourishing and non-irritating lotion does not clog pores and contains hydrogenated olive oil, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids. Dry skin hydrates because it slips gently and penetrates quickly. Visibly improves the firmness and texture of the skin with continued use.

IKB Potent Formula Lightening Cream

Lightening Cream IKB Helps prevent dehydration of the skin while restoring radiance to inelastic areas. deeply hydrates skin while working on skin tone, improving clarity and radiance. Soothes softens and soothes the skin.

IKB Brightening Serum  with Vitamin C

Lightening serum IKB is suitable for oily or combination skin. It identifies the complexion and reduces discoloration of the skin. Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, illuminates, firms and protects against damage caused by free radicals. Absorbs and dries quickly.

IKB Soothing Anti Oxidant Antibacterial Soap

The advanced exfoliating properties of this generously proportioned bath and the beauty bar of the skin remove dead skin cells from the dead skin and reveal a layer of increasingly shiny skin beneath the surface. Pleasantly scented, lather. It is gentle enough to use every day. Formulated with tropical palm oil and coconut to treat the driest skin, it also contains antibacterial Irgasan and is enriched with vitamin E.