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    Groganics Growthick Hair Fattening Shampoo 236ml

    Groganics Growthick Hair Fattening Shampoo 236ml It is a special blend of natural ingredients that gently washes away buildup and neutralizes impurities to improve the overall health of the hair. This unique formula can be used daily to penetrate deep within the hair shaft producing a lush, full mane of hair.

    Groganics Deep Freeze Scalp Absorbent Shampoo 240ml

    Groganics Deep Freeze Follicle Cleanser Scalp Absorbent Shampoo penetrates the hair shaft and primary follicles. You will actually feel the power of eucalyptus and menthol as it soothes the scalp. The potent Amazonian blend breaches layers of DHT build up flushing follicles clean and leaving room for thick healthy hair to thrive.

    Groganics Deep Freeze Scalp Stimulant Conditioner 240ml

    Groganics Deep Freeze Scalp Stimulant Conditioner 240mlNourishes the scalp and provides needed protein to reconstruct unhealthy hair.A cooling sensation promotes increased blood flow throughout the scalp and nourishing plant extracts heal brittle hair while fortifying weak cuticles.

    Groganics Daily Topical Scalp Treatment 170g

    Groganics Daily Topical Scalp Treatment 170gIt is a blend of Amazonian herbs and natural DHT fighting plant extracts like stinging nettle and saw palmetto. A cooling sensation soothes the scalp and stimulates blood flow throughout the scalp, delivering nutrients to the hair follicle.

    Groganics Head Full Of Hair Scalp Treatment 177ml

    Groganics Head Full Of Hair Scalp Treatment 177ml is a maximum hair growth product that uses only natural blends of fruits and plants found in Brazil and Australia. This moisture rich complex conditions the hair and restores elasticity to prevent damage.

    Groganics on The Spot Drops 118ml

    Groganics on The Spot Drops 118mltarget problem areas of the scalp that need the most nourishment like the crown, edges and nape of the neck where dryness and breakage are most frequent. It can be used as a preventative measure or to combat existing breakage and hair loss.

    Groganics Medigro Ice Oil 118ml

    Groganics Medigro Ice Oil 118ml is formulated with a blend of stimulating herbs infused with humectant molecules. It delivers a therapeutic cooling sensation to your scalp with every drop to freeze DHT and prevent build up.

    Groganics Healthy Hair Vitamins 30 Tablets

    About the product Faster hair growth, Less damage or breakage Stronger hair Improved skin quality

    Groganics Grotivator Growth Moisturizing Lotion 236ml

    Groganics Grotivator Growth Moisturizing Lotion 236ml. It contains a complex mixture of energizing herbal extracts designed to motivate and stimulate hair follicles. It protects and repairs build up damage to the scalp allowing proper product absorption. This product can be used daily to enhance the performance of any hair product.

    Groganics Liquid Scratch Daily Scalp Tonic 240ml

    Groganics Liquid Scratch Daily Scalp Treatment Spray 240ml The lack of combing and brushing associated with styles like Braids Locks & Twists can often lead to severe itching and discomfort. This scalp irritation coupled with scratching and dry brittle hair can cause severe breakage and hair loss. Liquid Scratch Daily Scalp Treatment Spray eliminates the itch while nourishing the scalp itself,...