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      Camille Rose

      Camille Rose Deep Conditioner 240ml

      Product description A vitamin-packed moisturizing and strengthening treatment infused with blue green algae. Our rich gourmet treatment is infused with a blend of pure blue green algae, packed with 65 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Unrefined cocoa and mango butters are artfully blended into this intense deep conditioning formula for maximum moisture benefits. Growth-stimulating biotin extracted from algae is then infused...

      Camille Rose Twisting Butter 240ml

      Product description A supremely soft styling butter with an indulgent nutty aroma crafted to nourish and elongate tresses. Oil cocktails of pumpkin, macadamia and olive are churned into our nutrient-rich almond milk base, then drizzled with touches of organic honey for intense moisturizing benefits. We finish with a botanical juice blend of aloe and green tea extract to create this...

      Camille Rose Aloe Whipped Butter Gel 240ml

      Product description Juice extracts of aloe are whipped with oil essences of avocado, macadamia and sweet almond, then toppled with nourishing castor and jojoba drops. We finish with a nutrient-rich brew of green tea and vitamins C and E to create this buttery styling gel for curly, wavy and coiled textures.   GOURMET INGREDIENTS:   Macadamia Seed Oil seals strands, aiding...

      Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk 240ml

      Product description Nourishing rice milk is thickened with our natural oil melange of organic avocado, castor and macadamia. For moisturizing and fortifying benefits, juice droplets of rose hips and aloe are blended with green tea extract and together whisked in this everyday milk cream mixture. GOURMET INGREDIENTS:   Rice Milk Offers potent vitamins A, D and B12.   Macadamia Seed Oil Seals...

      Camille Rose Fresh Curl Revitalizing Hair Smoother 240ml

      Product description Organic avocado and castor seed oils are blended together with ripe peach guava to create this refreshing gel-cream ideal for invigorating lifeless curls with softness and shine. GOURMET INGREDIENTS:   Avocado deeply nourishes and penetrates moisture into tresses.   Castor Se   FULL INGREDIENT LIST Ingredients: Deionized water, castor seed oil, dl panthenol, glycerin, avocado oil, sodium pca, btms,...

      Camille Rose Conditioning Custard 355ml

      Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard is a culinary cocktail blend of nourishing oils to soften and protect the hair's moisture barrier. Moroccan Pear promotes accelerated hair growth and retention through potent B vitamins. Cherry Kernel nurtures tresses through its richness in essential fatty acids. Directions: Apply a generous amount of conditioner to wet hair. Detangle with fingers or a wide tooth comb. Allow...

      Camille Rose Curl Maker 355ml

      Sweet extracts of marshmallow and agave are melted into a gourmet oil base of coconut and pomegranate, then layered with botanical juices of seaweed and aloe. We finish with an enriching infusion of vitamins E and B-12 for optimal hair nourishment. Marshmallow Root intensely smooths and defines, while also helping to detangle strands. Aloe Juices penetrate the hair shaft for intense moisture. promotes...