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American Dream Cocoa Butter Body Cream 500ml and Moisturising Lotion 750ml

American Dream Cocoa Butter Body Cream 500ml

American Dream Cocoa Butter Cream with Vitamin E is an ultra-moisturizing all over body butter. It melts in to the skin to soften and moisture even the roughest, driest skin to leave it silky soft and smooth. Healing Vitamin E also makes this ideal for preventing and smoothing away pregnancy stretch marks and blemishes. Use daily after showering or bathing.

Non-greasy with Vitamin E
Ideal for dry skin and everyday moisturizing
Softens and moisturizes skin deeply and nourishes it with goodness
Regular use reduces visibility of stretch marks and blemishes
Smells light unlike some other heavier smelling Cocoa Butters - this cream smells truly gorgeous!

American Dream Cocoa Butter Lotion 750ml

American Dream Cocoa Butter Lotion is with Vitamin E , Suitable for dry and extra dry skin, Deep nourishing cream which is easily absorbed by the skin,
Hydrates the skin leaving it soft and supple, Super sized bottle - 750ml with pump