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Why is my child's hair so dry? Common Causes and Remedies - Beautizone UK

Why is my child's hair so dry? Common Causes and Remedies

Does your child have dry hair? Has your child's hair become all dry and left without any moisture and nourishment? If yes, have you ever looked into the causes that are making your child’s hair all dry and the remedies to solve the problem? If not, now is the time and place, where you will know the causes of your child's dry hair and the remedies to solve the problem.

Before we start, let us tell you that you are not alone. Dry hair is a common issue that can be resolved with little care and attention. Read on to find out the causes and remedies of dry hair.


Cause: Exposing your child's hair to too much heat variably via heating tools like hair straighteners, curling irons, and hair dryers can dry out the moisture present in your child's hair, making it variably dry and rough.

Remedy: It is advisable to avoid using heating tools like hair straighteners that make your child's hair dry out. We would also recommend you try out heat-free techniques when it comes to drying or styling hair. Using natural ways to dry hair is best without hampering your child's hair.  Try out Africa's best kids’ organic hair-softening system from Beautizone.


Cause: One of the top causes of dry hair is over washing. Washing your child's hair too often leads to hygral fatigue. This is because, with every wash, your child's hair cuticle first expands and then contracts as water enters the strands and then dries out. Over washing or the repeated expansion and contraction weakens the hair and this leads to dry hair or brittleness.  

Remedy: Treat your child's curls with coconut oil, which protects hair by binding proteins in the child's hair shaft. Applying coconut oil protects hair since fewer water molecules enter the hair cuticles making it dry. Following up you can use a gentle sulfate-free shampoo from Africa's best kids organic shea butter shampoo, shea hair lotion, protein conditioner set, that are best known to protect your hair.  


Cause: Your child's hair may fail to lock in moisture due to overwashing or overheating, which leads to dryness in your child's hair. 

Remedy: Try rich moisture-locking moisture sealing oil that is made specially to lock in moisture in your hair. Using it routinely in (LOC - Liquid, oil, and cream) method will help you seal the hydrating goodness in your child's hair. Using oil to lock in moisture slows down the rate at which water escapes from the hair cuticle thus helping repair dry hair. Try our Just for me hair milk silkening conditioner, hair milk, sulfate-free shampoo set to protect your child's hair from drying.


Cause: Using non-water-based products leave your child's hair dry because they do not provide adequate moisture that is needed for the hair. 

Remedy: It is always recommended to use Water-based products for your child's hair because they are perfect to maintain the needed moisture in the hair cuticle between washes. You can try out our afro hair care products and kids care products from Cantu care for kids nourishing conditioner that is truly water-based and is great at keeping your child's hair moisturized and well hydrated throughout.  


Cause: A cold, low humidity climate and favorable climate changes can leave your child's hair all dry and brittle. Cold and dry air takes out all the moisture and leaves your hair completely dry.    

Remedy: To tackle the situation and protect your child's hair from drying out follow the LOC method. The "Liquid Oil Cream" method is recommended to all those having dry hair to lock in moisture and provide the needed nourishment that helps your hair from getting dried up. You can use moisture lock hair care products from Beautizone Mixed Chicks Kids Shampoos Kids Conditioner Kids Leave-in Conditioner Kids Tangle Tamer Set to protect your child's hair from drying. 

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