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Things you need to consider while choosing hair color - Beautizone UK

Things you need to consider while choosing hair color

Choosing hair color | Beautizone -Main

Need to change your look yet would prefer not to finish up with a fiasco? Regardless of what colour you need, you can locate the correct shading for you. The ideal hair dye matches your features and skin tone while making your hair look astonishing. It’s not that easy because you need to consider some factors before picking a hair colour i.e your complexion, age and hair health.


Understanding a Skin tone

A tone is a general character of something and here tone is a character of shade. If you want to pick a colour that compliment your skin then you need to find your skin tone first. If that doesn’t match your skin tone then it would look unnatural. Before picking a hair dye, decide whether you are a cool or a warm toned person.

If you want to determine your skin tone you need to remove makeup and wash your face because makeup changes the natural colour.


Warm tone

Choosing hair color | Beautizone -Warm Tone

Some people have warm tones that tan easily in the sun. Warm toned people can select earth colours like browns, yellow, oranges, creamy colour, chestnuts, golden brown, red highlights and golden blonde.

One of the best ways to find your skin tone is to check veins in your arms. Warm tones people have green veins.

They also have dark eyes (brown, black and hazel) and hair (brown, black, blonde).


Cool tone

Choosing hair color | Beautizone -Cool Tone

Cool toned people have bluish or pink undertones that burns in the sun. They can select blue, red or purple hair dyes.

Cool toned people have blue veins.

Generally they have light colored eyes like blue, green and grey and hair black, blonde and brown.


Neutral skin tone


Choosing hair color | Beautizone -Neutral Tone


Some people have neutral skin tone, they don’t have warm or cool tone. They can choose any colour for their hair. They don’t have obvious green or blue veins.


Eye colour

Eye color is another important factor that determines whether the colour you selected is good or not. Reds, browns and blonds will look good with green and blue eyes and contrasting colors will go with dark eyes.


Hair texture

Thick hair will take more time to absorb a colour and thin hair will take less time for it.


Hair cut before colouring

If you want to have a haircut and also hair colour, then go for hair cut first so you could save money and you will need less colour for your hair.


Colours have effect on your hair

You do a lot of things with your hair and you see the effects on your appearance. So always think before choosing a hair colour because dark colours will give thicker and heavier effect and light colors will give a less heavy effect.


Think before changing hair colour

If you want to change blonde color to black you will have to take care of it regularly like 4-6 weeks to maintain it. If you want to get one shade darker than your natural colour then you don’t have to go for its maintenance for 4-6 weeks.

If you have dark skin then choose dark hair colours and if fair complexion then pick light colors for your hair.


Collect photos of hair colours

Collect pictures of hair colors from your phone, magazines and computer so you could easily select a colour and discuss it with your hair professionals.


What do you want? Permanent, semi-permanent or temporary dye

If you are not sure about the colour you selected then go for a temporary hair dye. Permanent and semi-permanent dyes stick for longer times.

June Milnrow Absolu Permanent Hair Color Black | Beautizone

June Milnrow Absolu Permanent Hair Color Black (1B)

You cannot completely wash out permanent color but you can make it lighter by using bleach. Use ammonia free colors that are gentle on the hair. People with sensitive skin should go for a patch test first.

Semi-permanent color gets dim after washes. You can use it for highlighting, changing tones or hiding grey.

Adore Semi Permanent Hair Dye Colour | Beautizone

Adore Semi Permanent Hair Dye Colour | All Shades


Temporary hair colors do not stick for longer times instead they wash out almost in 30 washes.


High Beams Intense Temporary Spray | Beautizone

High Beams Intense Temporary Spray 76g ( All Colours )



Consider these factors


Your Age and healthiness of your hair                      

When you grow older you need to choose darker colors for your hair no matter what your skin tone is because lighter colors will highlight wrinkles. Pick soft colours instead of harsh colours.

If you have weak damaged hair due to the use of heating tools or over washing then it’s difficult to dye it.

Do not take emotional decision of changing your hair colour.


Do a test first

Take a strand from underneath your hair, color it and see how it works, it will give you an idea that how your hair will look after colouring.


Try wigs of different colours

Wear a wig to check which color will suit you before trying a hair colour.


Better to try highlights first

If you want a little change in your look then highlighting is good.

Jerome Russell Blonde Highlighting Kit UK | Beautizone

Jerome Russell Blonde Highlighting Kit UK No 1


Always consider your profession

If you are in any profession keep your job in your mind while selecting a hair colour. You would not like to scare your colleagues with shocking colors.


Consider Eyebrows as well

If you are going to totally change your hair color then change the colour of eyebrows as well to avoid any odd look. Don’t do it yourself, go to professional eyebrow colorist for that.


Use a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair

If you want to preserve your hair colour then use a shampoo and conditioner that is literally made for it.

Cantu Shea Butter Anti-Fade Color Protecting Conditioner | Beautizone

Cantu Shea Butter Anti-Fade Color Protecting Conditioner 400ml


Colouring kit before dyeing

Take wipe, comb and towel with you.


Protection from sun

If you want to protect your color treated hair from sun then wear hats or head scarves.


Price estimate before you go for colouring

Salons have different ranges in their prices so make sure that their service is in your price range.


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