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How to Use Hair Butter to Moisturize & Style Natural Hair - Beautizone UK

How to Use Hair Butter to Moisturize & Style Natural Hair

Winter is coming and the effects of the dry, cold winter air can be very harsh on our Natural hair. Lack of moisture in the air makes your hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. You can protect your hair from harsh winters by adding hair butter to your hair routine.

What is hair butter and what does it do?

Hair Butter is a natural blend of butters & organic oils that acts as a moisturizing sealer that ultimately protects your hair from dryness and breakage. Hair butter can be a mixture containing natural butters, including shea and cocoa butter, and oil such as castor, coconut, and avocado oil. It is especially beneficial for over-processed and natural hair. Don't forget to check the ingredient label on the product packaging to see that it contains things that react well with your hair, like Aunt Jackie's Flaxseed Recipes Seal It Up Moisturizing Sealer Butter, which is filled with flax seeds, shea butter, avocado, castor oil, & honey for healthy hydration.

Hair butter is great for protective styles like a twist, braid, and sleek bun. It can be applied daily to dry and damp hair.

Here are some things to keep in your mind while applying the Hair Butters:

1. Use hair butter after applying a leave-in conditioner. This should be the last step before styling your hair.
2. Use as often as you need to, but not too much. Just the amount required.
3. Use hair butter on damp hair to maximize its moisturizing effects.
4. Apply enough hair butter to dry and split ends to prevent breakage
5. Apply hair butter to your scalp if you suffer from a dry scalp
6. It is best to use hair butter for protective styling, as it helps create a smooth, defined look.
7. Hair butter can be applied to dry hair but as a strengthening serum for the ends. It will absorb quickly and protect the hair from all kinds of damage, while providing it with softness and shine.

Avoid doing the following things while using hair butters in your routine:

1. Do not use it on dirty hair. Using hair butter on dirty hair can cause buildup and lead to hair fall.
2. Do not use hair butter if you plan on a slicked back style. Hair butters are heavy sealers and can weigh your hair down.
3. Do not mix hair butter with a heavy sealer, as this can cause product build-up.
4. Do not use hair butter with hard gels containing alcohol and silicones

Use Hair Butters As A Hair Mask

1. Wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo.
2. Apply a leave-in conditioner.
3. Apply a spoonful of hair butter to damp strands and scalp. Massage well.
4. Leave it on for one hour and then wash it off.
5. If you have damaged, curly hair, leave the mask on overnight and rinse off the next day.

Use Hair Butters As A Leave-In Conditioner

1. Rub a small amount of the hair butter between your palms.
2. Apply to your dry or moist hair from mid-length to the ends.
3. No need to wash.
4. Style your hair.

Final Thoughts:

Are you thinking of including a Hair butter in your routine? Answer yourself for the following questions:
- Do You have high porosity hair?
- Do You have curly and wavy hair?
- Do Your hair is thick and coarse?
- Do Your hair breaks easily and is dry?
- Do Your hair is damaged and has split ends?

If your answers is YES, then Hair Butters are your DROGONs (if you know what I mean) this winter. Check out some of the amazing Hair butters here.

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