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Guide To Mix Haircare or Hair Styling Products - Beautizone UK

Guide To Mix Haircare or Hair Styling Products

Congratulations on discovering a tip that many consumers and salon operators use every day. In general, mixing the products together will not provide any additional benefit, but it can be a viable way to achieve the benefits of both products simultaneously. This saves time and can often lead to a better appearance.

But as you have also discovered, some products cannot be mixed. Indeed, the ingredients of one of the products are not compatible or react with the ingredients of the other. Mixing shampoos certainly won't make all of your hair fall out, as per cosmetic chemist, but there are some beauty products that, when combined, do more harm than good. Avoid mixing AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids, which exfoliate) with retinol products. In fact, don't mix retinols with other potential irritants (especially salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide) because they can cause drying, redness and pigmentation issues. And when it comes to hair products, don't use oils alongside hair sprays and gels.


1. Relaxers
2. Perms
3. Permanent hair colors
4. Semi-permanent hair colors
5. Peroxide (bleach)

Let's see how to mix non-reactive products.

The only way to really know if 2 products will be incompatible is to mix them together, but here are some examples that will generally be valid.

Shampoo and conditioner

What happens when you mix your shampoo and conditioner? Product accumulation.

It should be noted that shampoos have a negative charge while conditioners are positively charged. When you wash your hair with a negatively charged shampoo and apply a positively charged conditioner, you will end up trapping this mixture. Hence, buildup, which is undesirable as it creates a barrier on your hair preventing it from absorbing the benefits of other nourishing products like hair oils.

Shiny serums and other styling products

Look at the list of ingredients in your shine serum. If there is no water listed, it usually means that it will not be compatible with styling products that list water as the first ingredient. Without special "emulsifiers," water and silicone do not mix. The silicone "blob" and that won't work very well.

Pomades and other styling products

Ointments are oil-based formulas with a low water level (if applicable). Look at the ingredient list again. If there is no water, you probably won't be able to mix it with products that mainly contain water.

Styling gels and revitalizing styling creams

Although these formulas are both water-based, the styling cream often contains a conditioning ingredient (eg, cetrimonium chloride) which can interfere with the gel's thickening system (Carbomer), causing the creation of " funky lumps' that ruin the effect of both products.

We especially like products that work well with each other - items that can be mixed, matched, and blended with each other to optimize or alter their performance - so if you've only used your styling products for one purpose until then now get ready to have your mind blown. These 5 perfect pairings will increase your styling possibilities tenfold, guaranteed.

Anti-Frizz + Volumizing Serum

To infuse frizz-prone hair with tons of body and bounce, mix a drop of anti-frizz serum into a volumizing cream or mousse. You will get a sexy and voluminous look that still has softness and shine. You can also "treat" by only working the volumizer into your roots, then running the mixture of the two through your lengths to tame.

Products Suggested: Cantu Anti-Frizz Argan Oil Smoothing + Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Oil Serum 

Moisturizing styling cream + oil

If you have very dry, damaged ends that could really use an extra boost, mixing your moisturizing styling cream with a rich oil is the solution. These two types of products blend well in texture, so they stay smooth and provide powerful hydrating power when used together. Because why use only one when you can use both?

Products Suggested: Africa's Best Textures Shea Butter Curls Curl Defining Cream + KeraCare Oil Moisturizer with Jojoba Oil 

Curl enhancer gel + anti-frizz serum

It's not uncommon for curly and wavy hair types to struggle with frizz, and when you use curl enhancing products to crinkle your locks in place, your hands can make matters worse. Combining your choice of curly hair product with an anti-frizz formula can dramatically reduce twist, whether you use your hands to air dry or with a diffuser.

Products Suggested: Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing SmoothieCantu Anti-Frizz Argan Oil Smoothing

Shine Serum + Other Styling Products

If you're looking for a sexy, disheveled texture, a good tousle with a texturizing paste can't be beat. The caveat, however, is that these products tend to leave the hair looking matte and slightly dirty. If you want tons of texture that still has a soft, natural shine, mix your texturizing paste or cream with a touch of shine serum and work it on your lengths and ends.

Products Suggested: Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Define & Shine Custard + Carols Daughter Hair Milk Styling Pudding 

Oil + Sea salt spray

Sea Salt Spray is a mainstay of our styling routines to achieve the perfect texture for the beach & wavy look, but it is also renowned for removing moisture from dry, weakened hair. Solve this problem by mixing your favorite salt spray with equal parts oil. You'll need a separate vaporizer to make it happen, but we promise the resulting silky smooth surfer waves are worth it.

Final Thoughts

It’s ok to mix some products together but the only way to know for sure if two products will be compatible is to actually mix them in your hand. If the mixture clumps up, changes color, or has some other weird effect, don’t use it. Otherwise, feel free to use it. You just might get an effect that works better for your hair. And while it’s ok to mix together some of your cosmetics (except those reactive ones listed), please don’t start mixing your cleaning products. Doing so can create solutions that are really dangerous!

Happy Holidays!!

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