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8 Top-selling Skincare Brands | Customer Favourites- 2022 - Beautizone UK

8 Top-selling Skincare Brands | Customer Favourites- 2022

Skincare products in 2021-22 are all about adapting the new normal in our day-to-day skincare regime.

 Due to the overwhelming work-from-home schedules, people started growing their dark circles or under-eye patches that might ruin their Insta perfect pictures.

Self-care works wonders in times of distress. 

The following skincare products come with their potentialities of serving various skin requirements of modern-day customers. 

  • Fair & White Paris

    Fair & White Paris makes one of the leading skincare brands, especially for women of colour. The origin of the brand took place in France. 

    And, their products' manufacturing processes get reassured by the top-notch production factory of LABO DERMA situated within the Persian regional area.

    The experience of 25 years of manufacturing skin care products brought them the expertise for making the best products for black and mixed beauty.

    Fair and white Paris aims at providing their customers with means to brighten up and healthify their dull skin and uneven skin tone.

    One may avail Fair & White Paris exclusive Whitener serum, Original dark spot remover, and the Eclaircissant Lightening serum range on Beautizone's website.

    These products help in brightening up the skin tone of their customers.

    They also have White Savon Carrot Soap, Original Body Clearing Milk White, White Skin Perfector Serum, White Acne Medication Cleanser, and other skincare products in stock. 

    That is how Fair and White products align with European Cosmetic legislation that certifies the quality of their products.

  • Extreme Glow
  • Extreme Glow brings out the best range of skincare products suitable for skin varying from normal to dry. 

    The skin lightening serum by Extreme Glow comes with a fair amount of Aragon oil.

    This serum adds clarity to one's skin. The argan oil quotient hydrates and nourishes, bringing a youthful radiance to the skin.

    The exfoliating soap by Extreme Glow does not exfoliate only to remove the dirt and dead skin cells. It also rejuvenates the skin with its moisture content.

    Their lightening beauty gel nourishes dull and rough skin, making it look healthy and hydrated.

    Another path breaking product by Extreme Glow is its glow cream. It works wonders on eczema and overly dry and rough skin.

    The light body lotion formula by Extreme Glow consists of an amalgamation of Vegeclairine and Argan oil.


  • Otentika


    300ml Skin Tone Formula potential lessens the skin texture making it smooth and radiant. It also brightens up one's skin complexion. The natural ingredients used in its formula pervade through skin layers to work from within the skin. 

    The 250ml Maxi tone fade-out cream works wonders on dark spots throughout the skin tone. The easy absorbing formula makes it more effective as a skincare product.

    The hygienic soap by Otentika cleanses the skin like no other soap. The product easily glides through the skin, purifying it gently.

    Their 250ml body milk does not feel oily on the skin at all. It adds moisture to the skin to make it more bright and radiant.

    Makari makes one of the best luxury skincare brands in today's time. 

    They manufacture products for both dark-skinned males and females.

    The best-selling Makari skin care products like lotion, face cream, soaps are boons to men and women of colour.

    Our melanin production in the skin gets taken care of by the Extreme Argan Oil and Carrot oil serum by Makari. This concoction of these two oils lightens up the skin tone like no other product.

    Besides this serum, they also have a Carrot and argon oil soap bar in stock to brighten up the skin of your whole body.

    The OrganiclarineTM formula in their toning milk whitens and brightens skin to a great extent. 

    After applying this product, the skin looks immaculately perfect and fresh.

    Makari's exclusive skincare collection is supposed to take care of all the uneven tone issues of the men and women of color.

    The Carrot glow skin-lightening range of products with their benefits of rich antioxidants evens out skin pigmentation. It takes away the wrinkles and fine lines. 

    The intense toning liquid body substance by Carrot Glow tones acne-prone skin. It reduces acne growth and large-pore problems.

    Their intense toning treatment cream adds moisture and shine to the skin. It has the goodness of toner that reduces fine lines.

    They also have a Toning treatment gel that rejuvenates and cleanses dull skin.

    Another product by Carrot Glow that moisturizes and nourishes skin is their toning beauty milk.

    A3 Lemon face serum formula increases the elasticity of skin texture with its unique potassium azeloyl diglyconate content. It nourishes dry skin with the glycerine used in the making of this product.

    A3 body lotion by A3 Lemon halts the aging of the skin.

    It heals the sun damage and shields the skin from further damage from the UV rays.

    The bright face cream, bright facial gel, bright body milk, glycerine, body oil, faces Cleanser by A3 Lemon brighten up skin tone.

  • Clear Essence
  • A boon to medium to dark-skinned customers since the year 1980 is the Clear Essence skincare range. 

    The excess of Melanin in the skin often results in dark spots, brown patches, acne-prone skin, aging signs. 

    The Clear Essence products work best to keep Melanin at bay. 

    Their products perfectly nourish and healthify the skin.

    The unevenness of skin tone needs the care of Clear Essence Lemon plus vitamin C range to get cured.

    They have also launched another range of skincare products, namely My Natural Beauty's skin tone. Get your dream soft, healthy, moisturized skin tone with Clear Essence products.

  • Sta Sof Fro 
  • Sta Sof Fro cocoa butter lotion has the goodness of vitamin E. It helps in taking care of your skin throughout the whole year. 

    This product is the best resort for skin smoothing and tightening.

     It shields your skin from harmful UV rays. 

    It also works wonders on stretch marks and scars.

    Their hand and body lotion is the best nourishing body lotion range enriched with cocoa butter one can ever get on the internet.

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