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18 Best Hair Brushes For Natural Textured Hair 2021 - Beautizone UK

18 Best Hair Brushes For Natural Textured Hair 2021

Here's the thing ladies, every set of curls are different. There are different designs, types and textures of curls - it's never one size fits all. It's easier to know which products work with your curls mainly by checking out the ingredients which are beneficial for your hair, but brushes are a bit trickier. How do you know which one is best for the health of your curls & scalp? Here is an overview of the best brushes you need for your natural textured hair.


When detangling textured hair, use brushes that prevent snagging and allow for a smoother detangling experience. We recommend using detangling brushes on tighter coils. They are considered the "holy grail" of untangling those kinks and knots that make you want to pull your hair out rather than dealing with them. Using conditioner and working up from the ends is a good idea when using a brush on textured hair - whether it's a wide tooth comb, a Tangle Teezer, a Denman brush, or even your fingers - because the conditioner protects the hair. of the breakage. Here are some of our customer's favorite detangling brushes.

Wig and weaving brushes

Your job is not finished when your wig is installed or the browband is sewn on. While wigs and weaves are great low-maintenance styles, whether they're 100% Brazilian or synthetic, you still need to take care of the hair underneath. And for maintenance, your brush is definitely your best friend. Before you even think about brushing your wig, make sure it's clean. It's best to start detangling while the conditioner is still in the hair.

Always remember that the wig or weave does not grow straight out from your scalp - it is tied with a thread, so be very gentle and apply little to no tension where the hair is tied. And you should always brush your wig or weave starting from the bottom at the ends and then work your way up to where the roots are. Once you've done this through the entire head, you can brush from the root to the ends. This technique will help you detangle your wig or weave and avoid any further tangling. Here are some of our customer's favorite Wig/Weave brushes.


When drying naturally curly and frizzy hair, you want to use a brush that has a firm, solid base and bendable bristles. Using a good paddle brush allows for a snag-free and easy experience on your wrist, making changing your look a task you'd be willing to take on when you can't make it to the salon. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when applying heat to our hair, the last thing we would want is to use the wrong brush with it. Here are some of our customer's favorite blow-dry brushes.



To make stylish buns and ponytails, the right brush is key. It is almost impossible to achieve an ultra-sleek look in curly hair without using the proper brush. You want to use a boar bristle brush with tight, sturdy natural bristles. It is important to note that the tighter the bristles, the smoother the finish will be. The tightly stacked bristles will work twice as hard to smooth the coils without damaging your hair. Here are some of our customer's favorite Slicking brushes.

    Brushes for taming edges

    Edge Style OGs know that back in the day you had to use what was available to you, which for some of us was a toothbrush to get the edge style we wanted. It was then, however. But now there are a lot of options to choose from with specially designed brushes to slay our edges! Many of them come with different bristle options for touching up, creating some type of curl or coil pattern, or just layering them down. These brushes are usually made with bristles that are soft enough to be used on the weak strands of hair that make up our edges. Preventing breakage is especially important when using any type of brush. Here are some of our customer's favorite Edge-Taming brushes.


    Volumizing or Teasing Brushes

    The third or fourth day (or beyond) of washing the hair sometimes just doesn't have the same volume as the first or second day. For this reason, a quality afro hair brush pick can restore the level of lift and volume you want to go with until the next wash day. Teasing is especially helpful in making finer textures appear fuller and thicker and minimizing scalp visibility, So good news for those of us with a cool silk press or permed hair and all the unwanted parts. Here are some of our customer's favorite Volumizing or Teasing brushes.


    Brushes For Scalp Massages

    Do check out some of these New arrivals perfect for Scalp Massages. The Magic Collection Natural Boar Bristle Brushes are designed to stimulate and massage the scalp while cleansing the hair, removing dirt, excess oil and dandruff from the scalp while brushing. The unique handle of this brush is specially designed for superior handling and smooth brushing.

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