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Vivica Fox Pure Stretch Synthetic Wig - Jozifina, Kellita, Amy, Oprah 2

Vivicafox Pure Stretch Synthetic Wig - Jozifina

JOZEFINA-V is a 14 inch wig with a layered bohemian curl, bangs and central skin for a natural look. She is one of the most popular styles from Vivica. The 100% stretch cap extends over the entire inner perimeter, allowing you to wear it comfortably all day without causing unwanted headaches. Its fiber and the spiral loop make the hair lively and bouncy for a fun and wild look.

Synthetic fiber
Full Pure Stretch Cap wig that extends around the entire perimeter for long-lasting comfort
14-inch layered bohemian loop with fringe and center skin

Vivicafox Pure Stretch Synthetic Wig - Amy

Type: full wig from the collection of 100% stretch caps
Hair type: synthetic
Description: short haired front with tapered back
This sophisticated style is perfect for mature women
Adjustable type

Vivicafox Pure Stretch Synthetic Wig - Kellita

Vivica Fox's Kellita is a long haired long haircut with wide, loose curls, a natural-looking central part of the skin and full bangs. This synthetic wig is part of the Pure Stretch Cap collection by Vivica Fox.

Pure Stretch Cap - The Pure Stretch cap extends around the entire perimeter of the wig, with super thin double stretch sides and an open cap construction. The top of the cap has a closed flower net which helps maintain the style's original durability and shape.
Central part of the skin - The central part of the skin accentuates the style and gives the part the appearance of natural hair growth.
Adjustable Perimeter - The perimeter has adjustable straps for adjustment and comfort that allow the wig to be tightened or loosened up to 1/2 inch.

Vivica Fox Pure Stretch Synthetic Wig - Oprah 2

It has Pure Stretch Cap - Stretches for more comfortable fit while eliminating pressure points.
Hair fiber - synthetic hair
Piano color: medium dark brown, honey blonde and dark Auburn
Cap size: medium
Hair length: front 6 "| Crown 6.5" | Sides 6.5 "| Rear 13" | 6 "nape