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Extreme Glow

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Extreme Glow Lightening Serum, Soap, Beauty Gel, Cream, Body Lotion, Body Wash

The Extreme Glow UK skincare products are suitable for normal to dry skin.

Extreme Glow Strong Skin Lightening Serum with Argan Oil
The Extreme Glow Strong Lightening Treatment serum includes Argan oil to give your skin optimal clarity while providing generous hydration to achieve a radiant glow. This powerful serum contains extracts of vegetal or valerian to help prevent and reduce conspicuous brown spots for a uniform complexion. It also acts against discoloration and prevents a lack of whiteness on the skin.

Extreme Glow Purifying Exfoliating Soap
The purifying Extreme Glow Soap that exfoliates is a moisture-rich lighting bar for your skin. The soap helps to deeply exfoliate and cleanse the skin, helping to restore youthful radiance to your skin and improving impurities on your skin too.

Extreme Glow Strong Lightening Beauty Gel
The Extreme Glow Gel has restorative properties that consist of argan oil to lighten and moisturize your skin. It also acts as a sebum or oil control treatment.

Extreme Glow Strong Skin Lightening Cream
The Extreme Glow Cream is a moisturizer and lightener for your skin that gives exceptional results. The cream has been formulated to provide a lightening effect for your skin even while giving a nourishing moisturizing effect. The Extreme Glow Cream is meant for people with dry and eczema skin types. The body lightener with Extreme Glow body washes with aloe vera extract. This extract is purely enriched with a lightening regiment that removes dead skin cells that reveals smooth and clean skin. Apply the cleanser to your lightning regiment and get additional results. The amazing effect and gentle formula it has clears the pores and sweep away all the dead skin cells giving you smooth and clear skin. The foam rinses out everything without leaving any pore-clogging residues leaving your skin fresh and clean.

Extreme Glow's Skin Lightening Light Body Lotion
The Extreme Glow Cream contains a blend of Argan oil and Vegeclairine that will soften and revitalize your skin and provide a powerful lightning result. The body lotion is formulated with Argan oil, the world's biggest moisturizing and repairing ingredient. Our patent ingredient, Vegeclairine is an effective way to lighten and whiten your skin against hyperpigmentation problems like pregnancy, scars, sun spots, and acne marks. The imperfections protect your skin against bacteria and give your skin a clear and more uniform look.